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Beyblade 4D BB-114 - Variares D:D

Beyblade 4D BB-114

Beyblade Battle is a game with two or more players.  The main objective of this game is to make your Beyblade spin the longest.  A Beyblade Battle is divided into rounds.  Each player is given a chance to spin in every round into the Beystadium.

There are five (5) things that you should know in a Beyblade Battle:

1.    Of course in any game, there are a set of rules to follow.  Here are the rules in playing Beyblade Battles:

Rule 1:  All Beyblade battles must be in a Beystadium.
Rule 2:  Players can only launch the Beyblades after the signal “3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!”
Rule 3:  You can only launch your Beyblade once in every battle. The battle ends when your opponent’s Beyblade stops spinning or hit out of the stadium.
Rule 4:  You lose a point if you touch your opponent’s Beyblade.
Rule 5:  If an opponent is unable to launch his Beyblade into the stadium, the other player gains a point.
Rule 6:  Your opponent gains two points if your Beyblade enters one of the three penalty pockets during the battle.
Rule 7:  The player whose Beyblade spins longer than his opponent is the winner.
Rule 8:  The game is over if a player touches the Beystadium during the battle.  The opponent gains three points automatically.
Rule 9:  Try to compete in multi-player battles. The player with seven points wins the game.

2.    Beyblade Battles are also available online.  With this online battle, you can customize your own Beyblade at an advantage.  On top of that, you can use the following rules or techniques to win the battle.

a.    Dragon Storm (Dragon Spirit) Reverse Launch – This is where your opponent launches their Beyblade with their non-writing hand.
b.    Dranzer (Pheonix Spirit) Power Launch – Your opponent can only use a standard Beyblade launcher while you use a specialized Beyblade launcher which is also known as a “Deluxe Beyblade launcher.”
c.    Driger (White Tiger Spirit) Customization Launch – Your opponent can only use a non-customized Beyblade.
d.    Draciel (Turtle Spirit) Delay Launch – Instead of launching your Beyblade together with your opponent(s), you are to launch your Beyblade 5 seconds after your opponent.

3.    Your online Beyblade must be built with high attack, stamina, balance, and defense levels.  The more stars, the stronger your Beyblade is.  The maximum is five (5) stars.

4.    You can only use one Beyblade in a battle. Once it is attached to the launcher, you can only change the Beyblade after a battle.

5.    The best Beyblade to use in a battle is an attack type.

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